why we're open on sundays

Our owner, Rudolfo Ponce, made the decision to open on Sundays in 2020, when he first opened Heatwaves. At the time, he was living in Napa and traveling back and forth on his day off to serve fried chicken out of his parent's house in Seaside. Since then, the tradition has remained the same, with Heatwaves only operating on Sundays xx

seaside pop up

Heatwaves was created back in 2020 by Chef Rudy Ponce. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America and working in Michelin-star kitchens, Rudy began testing spices and frying methods with the goal of creating the perfect southern fried chicken. With the help of his two brothers, Miguel and Carlos, Rudy started selling hot chicken out of his parent's backyard, as people lined the neighborhood for the best chicken sandwich on the peninsula.

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In 2021, Rudy opened Rudolfo's, an Italian restaurant located on Lighthouse Ave in downtown Pacific Grove. Heatwaves continues to operate every Sunday from the restaurant, with an expanded menu including not only the classic fried chicken sando but also breakfast burritos, tri-tip sandos, and chicken tendies. SEE YOU NEXT SUNDAY! :)

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heatwaves combo sando and wavy fries
heatwaves fried chicken sando
person dunking wavy fries into wavy sauce